Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Lenovo K8 Plus Imei Fail

Selected connection metod: Meta Connection
Exe version: Avengers Box MTK 0.6.3
Selected phone: K8 Plus
IMEI[1] for write : 123456789123456
IMEI[2] for write : 123456789012345
Scanning for presents meta ports...
Phone must be off with battery inside.
Please insert USB cable now...
In some phones need to keep VOL- button untill inserting USB cable.
[4]Detected: PreLoader USB VCOM Port (COM4)
Starting META mode, wait...
Restarting to meta,wait....
If drivers missing, please install CDC drivers.
This can take up to 5 min on slow phones.
If take too long, check device manager for drivers.
[5]META Port Detected: Gadget CDC VCOM Driver (COM5)
Start sync target, waiting responce.....
[AP]BaseBand CPU : mt6757,S01
[AP]APP_VER: alps-mp-o0.mp1-V3.51_k57pv1.dm.64_P41
Making target channel configuration, wait...
Making tunnel configuration, wait...
Rebooting to meta, wait....
[META]BaseBand CPU : MT6757
Meta mode conected ok, start reading phone....
IMEI to repair: [1] 123456789123456
Phone imei[1] : 867062000000000
IMEI to repair: [2] 123456789012345
Phone imei[2] : 867062000000000
Clean Boot flag ok.
[0]All done.

repairing an imei Lenovo K8 Plus xt1902-2 tells me yes but does not modify the imei any solution at all?
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